Here is a listing of questions that have been asked or haven't actually been asked yet but could be asked:

Question: What is this form for?
Answer: The form is for submitting a plot bunny (an idea, like a challenge) of something you think the SF Yahoo Group would like to write about. It could be a set of words, or a theme, or just a concept.

Question: Where are the stories that match these bunnies?
Answer: The stories are originally posted on the Sneezefic Yahoo Group and then on the Sneezefic Archive but they can now also be found by looking through the listings of past bunnies.

Question: What does the field label X mean?
Answer: Discussion of what the field labels mean (and what should be entered for each) can be found on in the form fields section.

Question: Are there examples of bunnies I can look at?
Answer: Certainly. There are some samples/examples as well as a listing of past plot bunnies that have already been used.

Question: How do you pick the plot bunnies each week?
Answer: Using a random procedure. Each idea is assigned a number based on when it was submitted (0, 1, 2, 3, 4, etc.). Then a very simple random number generator is used to select a number within the current range, and the idea which has that number is used for the week. It is then removed from the list. See the number generator at work or the code for the generator on the generation page.
NOTE: As of 4/17/05, due to suggestions on the sneezefic list, the process of selection has been changed slightly. The generator first considers bunnies that are more than a year old and picks one out of that bunch. If no bunnies fit into that category, it chooses out of all available bunnies. This way the bunnies don't have to sit there for, potentially, forever because the random number generator is too random. It ensures that all bunnies will eventually get picked and it still picks fairly.
NOTE: As of 6/5/05, due to a huge number of bunnies, TWO plot bunnies will be selected each week.

Question: Do you look at the plot bunnies submitted?
Answer: Yes. I check every Sunday to be sure there are no problems with any of the entries including (but not limited to): return characters within the fields, vulgar language, obviously spam-generated entries, repeat entires, entries which are meant to be fake/disruptive, incomplete entries. I do promise, however, not to write or even think about a story for any of the ideas until they are selected :-)

Question: How long do we have to finish our story based on this plot bunny?
Answer: It would be nice to have the story within a week, while the idea is still fresh. However there is nothing that says you cannot submit it days, weeks, months, or years later if an idea takes a long time to write, etc. The ideas are meant to be fun and without set deadlines. So feel no guilt if you cannot make the week's deadline. Just post when you can. As long as you get inspired and enjoy the experience, that's what matters.

Question: Can we submit a post a story that was previously written if it fits the weekly hatching bunny?
Answer: Short answer is yes, as long as it has never before been posted on the list. The point is for the hatching to inspire people to write and post more. So if the bunny inspires you to revisit a previously written story and share it, that's great. Give it an edit, make sure it fits with the bunny, and post away. Of course, you're always free to post previously-written fics even if they don't correspond with bunnies ;-) It's a new story if it's new to us, regardless of when it was written!

Question: Can we submit more than one plot bunny using the form?
Answer: But of course! Submit as many as you like. But be sure to think them through carefully. And you might want to enter a variety of different types.

Question: I had trouble with the form... did I break something?
Answer: It's not your fault :-) For some reason, some people have had trouble with the webform. Just e-mail tarotgal with your submission instead.

Question: I just submitted a bunny and the total number on the main page did not change. Why is that?
Answer: Since moving this form to Geocities, all my spiffy automatically updating code went away. So that total is updated by me, by hand, every Sunday just before I post the week's weekly hatching.

Question: I submitted a bunny idea this week and the total on the main page still didn't change. What is going on with that?
Answer: It is possible that yours was the only bunny submitted that week. In which case yours was added and one was taken out/selected for the weekly hatching. Thus, there was one added and one removed and the weekly total does not change.

Question: I'm not entirely sure my bunny got submitted. Is there any way to know for sure that you got it?
Answer: Check the current list of un-selected submissions to see if your name and the date you submitted it are listed. This list is updated every Sunday. If your name/date does not appear here, I did not get your idea. Either re-submit it or send it to me in e-mail to be sure I get it.

Question: My question isn't on here. What should I do?
Answer: If it's something that requires a quick response from anyone, post it on the Sneezefic Yahoo Group. Otherwise if it's a more private issue (such as wanting an idea you submitted removed from the list) then e-mail tarotgal.

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