Here is a more detailed description of the fields in the form and some example challenges to inspire you and show you the format.

Form Fields:
Your Name- The name you are known by on the sneezefic list or elsewhere. It can be your real name or internet handle. Your name will be displayed when your challenge idea is posted, so everyone knows you thought of the idea. This field is optional.

Plot Bunny Idea- The concept of your challenge/idea/plot bunny. Please use phrases or full sentences. Your plot bunny can be a first line, a list of words, a situation, or even just a theme. For examples, see further down this page.

Limits- This is a limit you wish to impose on those writing stories to answer your plot bunny. For example, a word limit, a time limit, or a rating restriction. See further down this page for specific examples. This field is optional.

Fandom- This is a fandom (specific tv show, movie, book, etc.) you wish applied to the plot bunny. You can choose "Any" or "All" or "Original fic only" if you wish there to be no fandom. Or you can specify a specific fandom by name. This field is optional.

Other/Comments- If there is anything else you wish to include in your plot bunny, this is the place to put it. You can explain how you came up with the idea, talk about any specifics (such as rating, pairing, or fandom restrictions), or just wish the writers luck. This field is optional.

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Name: Anon
Plot Bunny Idea: Use three of the following words in a short story: guitar, chocolate, sword, flower, drains, bottle, tissue, vampire, singing, juice
Limits: 60 minute time limit
Fandom: Any
Other/Comments: Happy Writing!

Name: Anon
Plot Bunny Idea: Must start the story with a character saying: "Oh no you didn't!"
Limits: None
Fandom: Pirates of the Caribbean
Other/Comments: Please make the story R-rated or below if at all possible, and lots of hurt/comfort is preferred.

Name: Anon
Plot Bunny Idea: Write a fic centered around the theme of loyalty
Limits: Less than 2,500 words, Slash only
Fandom: Any
Other/Comments: M/M slash fics only! Any rating is more than welcome *G*

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