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Titanic Challenge
Issued on: March 5, 2004
Ended on: April 15, 2004
Challenger: Hermione

The responses were: 3 stories by 2 authors.

Sneezefic is fanfiction which involves characters sneezing. It is written and posted on a number of groups and sites. One member proposed this challenge on the sneezefic mailing list.
This challenge is dedicated to the Titanic tragedy which occurred on April 15, 1912. All stories must have something to do with Titanic, whether it be based off of the movie or the actual history. But it must contain sneezing of course! Either allergy or illness related, or just a little tickle.

Theme: The Titanic
    Situational challenges:
  1. A character(s) starting over again.
  2. Character comes down with a cold after spending too much time in the water/rain
  3. Character finds he/she has an allergy to something
  4. Character hiding who doesn't want to be found (curteousy of Black Velvet Band)
  5. Someone trying to keep from sneezing while drawing a portrait (curteousy of Black Velvet Band)
  6. Someone decides to let go and regrets it later
  7. Finding each other or finding something that was lost
  8. A spring wedding (idea inspired by BVB ;o))

    First line(s) challenges:
  9. "What a remarkable age this is!"
  10. It was the last time Titanic ever saw daylight...
  11. "I'll never let go, Jack. I'll never let go."
  12. "Darkness had fallen and the sky was dotted with stars..."
  13. For two or three minutes, he/she stood looking around him/her
  14. It was the sweetest, most mysterious looking place anyone could imagine.
  15. "Tell me quick, then. Don't cry, I can bare anything better than that. Out with it, love."
  16. Father and mother sat together, quietly reliving the first chapter of the romance which for them began some ten years ago.

    Five-word challenges:
  17. Rose, flying, cold, mischevious, "Not without you.."
  18. Darkness, sniffles, compress, shivering, tea
  19. Clouds, itchy, pollen, silk, masterpiece
  20. Slowly, young, boots, full moon, "I'm sorry."
  21. kitten, bed, feverish, romantic, candlelit
  22. artwork, horses, beach, lively, "I knew you did."

The fics have been archived here, arranged by title, author, and bunny. It is encouraged that you give feedback to the authors and thank them for the contributions. You may do so by posting to the challenge's Yahoo group or by e-mailing the authors of these fics directly. Please observe story ratings before reading them as some stories might contain slash, violence, or sexual situations. If you are an author, please see the information page.

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