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Logo Issued on: November 22, 2008
Round one ended: March 6, 2009
Round two ends: April 24, 2009
Challengers: Symphonyflute and tarotgal

The responses are: 20 entries from 15 fandoms by 8 participants.

Sneezefic is fanfiction which involves characters sneezing. It is written and posted on a number of groups and sites. This challenge on the sneezefic mailing list was made to give members of the list a fun time trying something different and hopefully allow more writers to easily participate and contribute.

There are 100 Plot Bunnies to choose from for this challenge!

  1. Angel: the Series, Angel/Wesley, scarf
  2. Any fandom or original, any character, worst timing ever
  3. Any fandom or original, any pairing, Rain that never Ends
  4. Any fandom or original, male living with new people, sick for first time
  5. Any fandom or original, male runaway, rain
  6. Any fandom or original, male teacher, caught a cold just in time for holiday break
  7. Any fandom or original, man, baker's dozen
  8. Any fandom or original, man/man, Flannel Pajama Pants
  9. Any fandom or original, man/man, ran out of sick days/sick leave
  10. Any fandom or original, man/man, Soaked Clothing
  11. Any fandom or original, significant other, no medication
  12. Any fandom or original, werewolf, I can catch colds from humans AND canines? Lucky me
  13. Beauty and the Beast, Catherine/Vincent, epidemic
  14. Beauty and the Beast, Jacob/Vincent, lamp
  15. The Birdcage, Armand/Albert, picture
  16. Bones, Boothe/Bones, "Stop sneezing around the evidence"
  17. Bones, Boothe/Bones, forgiveness
  18. Boy Meets World, Shawn and help from the Matthews', drinking
  19. Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Buffy/Giles, early morning
  20. Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Spike/Xander, Night that never ends
  21. Charmed, Chris, cello
  22. Chronicles of Narnia, Edmund or Peter, beaver
  23. Dawson's Creek, Pacey, disappointment
  24. Dawson's Creek, Pacey, rain
  25. Degrassi, Craig, first time sick at Joeys
  26. Desperate Houswives, Andrew, "how was theater camp?"
  27. Doctor Who, any character, dribbly nose
  28. ER, John Carter, baby shower
  29. ER, John Carter, expectations
  30. Fantastic 4, Johnny Storm, reuniting after the gang split up to have families and lives
  31. Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children, the Remnants, first time
  32. Gilmore Girls, Jess, not with Rory, interaction with townspeople
  33. Good Omens, Aziraphale/Crowley, delicate
  34. Growing Pains, Luke or Mike, lies
  35. Harry Potter, Cedric, champions know when to give up
  36. Harry Potter, George/Lee, Tea
  37. Harry Potter, Harry, "damn owl"
  38. Harry Potter, Oliver/Percy, Hanky
  39. Harry Potter, Remus/Sirius, fear
  40. Harry Potter, Remus/Sirius, tea after a mission
  41. Harry Potter, Remus/Sirius, the wars never happened
  42. Harry Potter, Remus/Snape, butterflies
  43. Harry Potter, Remus/Tonks, winter cold
  44. Harry Potter, Sirius, handkerchiefs
  45. Harry Potter, Sirius/Remus, marriage
  46. Harry Potter, Snape, coward
  47. Harry Potter, Snape, interminable staff meeting
  48. Harry Potter, Snape, sleepless
  49. Harry Potter, Snape, springtime allergies
  50. Harry Potter, Snape and Harry (not slash), sniveling
  51. Harry Potter, Snape/Remus, unemployed
  52. Heroes, Peter (not future evil Peter), green beans
  53. High School Musical, Ryan, grape juice
  54. Hockey, anyone, the real "Philly Flu"
  55. House MD, Chase, whisky
  56. House MD, House/Wilson, they didn't want anyone to know
  57. The Importance of Being Earnest, any male character, monogrammed handkerchief
  58. Life on Mars (UK), Sam, wishing for medical advances of 21st century
  59. Lord of the Rings, Elrond/Aragorn, darkness
  60. Lord of the Rings, Legolas/Aragorn, cave
  61. Lord of the Rings, Legolas/Gimli, blankets and braids
  62. Lord of the Rings, Legolas/Gimli, snowball fight
  63. Lord of the RIngs, Legolas/Gimli, Springtime
  64. Lord of the Rings, Legolas/Haldir, healing powers of horehound
  65. NCIS, Gibbs, concealing of illness
  66. NCIS, Gibbs, high fever
  67. The OC, Ryan, embarrassed/tries to hide it
  68. The Office, Jim, frustation
  69. One Tree Hill, Lucas, playground
  70. Original characters, man/man, fatherhood
  71. Original characters, man/man, hot chocolate
  72. Original characters, man/man, quilt
  73. Original characters, man/woman, deliberate infection
  74. Original characters- historical fiction, traveler, seeks shelter
  75. Pride & Prejudice, Mr. Darcy, I do not sneeze
  76. Primeval, Nick, alone
  77. Queer as Folk, Brian/Justin, thick skinned
  78. Robin Hood BBC, Allen A'Dale, gang interaction
  79. Star Trek: DS9, Bashir, the doctor needs looking after
  80. Star Trek: DS9, Bashir/Garak, suppression
  81. Star Trek: DS9, Odo/Kira, humanoid illness
  82. Star Wars, Qui-Gon/Obi-Wan, argument
  83. Star Wars, Qui-Gon/Obi-Wan, depressed
  84. Star Wars, Qui-Gon/Obi-Wan, overwhelmed
  85. Star Wars, Qui-Gon/Obi-Wan, rejection
  86. Supernatural, Sam, Buffy the Vampire Slayer reruns
  87. Torchwood, Anyone, alien pollen
  88. Torchwood, Ianto (Ianto/Jack welcome), exhaustion
  89. Torchwood, Ianto (Ianto/Jack welcome) and team, tea for the teaboy
  90. Torchwood, Ianto/Jack, stranded in the SUV
  91. Torchwood, Ianto/Jack and team, survival training
  92. Torchwood, Ianto/Jack, Weevil hunting in the snow
  93. Torchwood, Jack, fever
  94. Torchwood, Jack, stress
  95. Torchwood, Jack/Anyone, too much wine
  96. Torchwood, Owen, alien tech
  97. Torchwood, Team minus Jack, in the Himalayas
  98. Torchwood, Team, 'Coughs and Sneezes Spread Diseases' (in reference to the plaque that hangs on the wall behind Jack's desk)
  99. Twilight, Jacob & H/C from Bella/Edward, not mushy
  100. Weeds, Silas, deceit
The fics submitted for the challenge are originally posted on SFAnnualChallenge. They have will bearchived here, arranged by title, author, fandom, and bunny. It is encouraged that you give feedback to the authors and thank them for the contributions. You may do so by posting to the challenge's Yahoo group or by e-mailing the authors of these fics directly. Please observe story ratings before reading them as some stories might contain slash, violence, or sexual situations. If you are an author, please see the information page.

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