by Tina
Rating: Gen
Fandom: Harry Potter
Disclaimer: The characters all belong to JKR
Author's Notes: Written for the Sneezefic in 132 Moods Challenge

Ronald Weasley very slowly made the long climb to the Divination classroom. He felt tired and somewhat sick and Professor Trelawney was the last person he wanted to deal with. No, actually that wa'n't true, this was definitely better than Potions with Snape.

He stopped suddenly, raising a cupped hand to his face. Harry Potter , following closely, crashed into him from behind, "Ron! What you doing?"

He was answered by the sound of sneezing from his best friend. "Heh..... heh.. CHOOOO!!! Ishooooooo!!!!! Hehchooo!!!"

"Oh, sorry. Bless you." Harry mumbled waiting for Ron to catch his breath and move on.

"Thanks, " Ron murmured on the verge of another sneeze. "HEHCHOOOOO!!!!! Ruddy cold, kept me up all night." He grumbled.

They had reached the classroom by that time and Harry stopped to get a good look at his friend. "You do look pretty rough Ron, maybe you should go and see Madame Pomfrey..."

"No way!" Ron insisted. "I'm not that sick, just tired mostly. I spent most of the night sneezing and blowing my nose. I was afraid I was keeping you up actually...."

"I didn't hear you at all, I fell asleep as soon as I got back from Quidditch practice and didn't wake up til this morning." He paused again to look at his friend, Ron looked ready to drop at any moment. "Sorry you had such a bad night though." He added sympathetically as they sat down at their table.

The crystal ball sat before them on the table, and the boys half listened as their flaky professor gave instructions for the lesson. Harry started intently into the ball while Ron slumped in his chair, resting his head on his fisted hand. Ron was struggling to keep his eyes open and yawning frequently. After a few minutes Harry looked over at his friend and noticed him dozing. "Ron!" He whispered harshly poking his friend in the arm.

"Huh?" Ron opened his eyes drowsily.

"You were sleeping, and Trelawney is headed this way."

"Oh, thanks mate" He tried to look interested in the crystal ball, " Do you think this thing can tell me how long Ill 'have this cold?"

Harry shook his head and smiled at his friend, "I don't think so Ron, sorry. Are you sure you don't want to go to the infirmary? I'm sure Madame Pomfrey could give you something to help you get some rest...."

Ron again declined, but a little less forcefully. "No. I don't need to Harry. I'm... I'm fi... AHHHCHOOOO!!!" He startled the entire class with a sudden resounding sneeze. "I'm fine. Excuse me." He mumbled sniffling into his fist.

Professor Trelawney made her way over to the boys and gazed into the crystal ball, "Mr Weasley, I see that you will be falling ill very soon...."

"Yeah, I can see it happening immediately, " He muttered to Harry yawning widely.

"I see also that you need more rest Mr Weasley to help you fight this approaching illness..." Trelawney continued as Ron rolled his eyes. "And you Mr Potter, I see you contracting this illness as well, unless you are very cautious...."

Harry grinned at Ron as their Professor moved on to her next victims, or was it students. "That's just amazing," He whispered. "What are the chances that we would actually be together enough that I could catch your cold."

Ron nodded sleepily and smiled back to his friend. "Hope you don't catch it though mate." Ron yawned again and struggled to focus on the crystal ball.

"I'll be fine, I'm just worried about you." Harry continued to watch his friend with concern, from the looks of him he'd never be able to make it through classes without falling asleep. Ron made it through the hour only due to Harry's constant poking and prodding whenever he dozed off.

After Divination, the two made their way slowly down to the Transfiguration classroom. Harry continued to watch his friend with some concern, as Ron sneezed and yawned his way along. They met up with Hermione in Transfiguration who was shocked at Ron's appearance. "Ron, what happened?" She asked in a worried tone, "Are you alright?"

Ron nodded, "I'm fine Hermione," he yawned, "I just didn't get much sleep last night."

"Are you sick?" She asked eyeing him suspiciously.

"I've just got a cold Hermione, no big deal." He sniffled and tried and failed to fight off another bought of sneezing, "Eshhhhhhhh!!!! Heh.... CHOOOOO!!! Etchoooooo!!!!"

"You really sound terrible Ron. You should to go to Madame Pomfrey right away..."

Ron interrupted her before she went on forever, "Save your arguments Hermione, I'm not going."

She started to protest but stopped when Harry placed a hand on her arm "I've been through it all with him already, he's not going."

Their conversation ceased abruptly as Professor McGonagall entered the classroom and began their lesson. Ron continued his fight to stay awake through the class as Harry continued to poke and prod him as necessary. He frequently interrupted the class with bouts of sniffling and sneezing and Professor McGonagall watched him with some concern. Finally after she noticed him snoring, she approached his seat. Harry noticed her coming and kicked Ron under the table.

Ron started and sat up straight in his chair as the professor approached. "Mr. Weasley, " she looked at him sternly but there was concern in her voice. "You seem to sleeping through my class..."

"Sorry Professor, I...." Ron began, wondering how much trouble he would be in.

She waved her hand for him to stop. "No need to make excuses Mr Weasley, I can see that you aren't feeling well and that you need some rest. I would like Mr Potter to accompany you to the infirmary," Ron started to protest but she continued on, "Im sure Madame Pomfrey will excuse you from classes until you are feeling better."

Harry got up and gathered Ron's books for him and the two headed to the infirmary. "I don't need to go tot the infirmary," Ron yawned and grumbled after they left the classroom."

"You do really seem sick Ron, " Harry began hesitantly.

"I'm really not that sick, just so tired," He yawned again, then paused, his breath hitching. "HESHOOOOOOO!!!! Etchooooo!!!!!!!!! Excuse me."

"Yeah Ron, you don't seem sick at all," Harry rolled his eyes, but then added sincerely, "Bless you"

Ron smiled faintly, almost ready to give up his argument, "Well maybe a little sick, but mostly just tired.

"Let's get you to the infirmary mate," Harry clapped him on the shoulder, "Maybe you can get some sleep."

Ron continued to grumble as they made their way down to the infirmary. He argued with Madame Pomfrey as well, insisting once again, that he wasn't really sick, just tired. Harry just smiled and rolled his eyes as Ron grudgingly accepted the goblet of Pepper Up potion. He then looked on with amusement as Ron drifted off to sleep in midsentence while awaiting Madame Pomfrey's return with his sedative potion. Harry tucked him in snugly and made his way back to class, happy to see his friend getting the rest he so badly needed.

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