by Wig_Powder
Rating: R. Definitely R.
Fandom: original characters
Warnings: BDSM, so this is unquestionably NSFW.

“Say it,” Blair said, delicately tracing Tim’s chest with a gloved finger, “Say it or you won’t get another smack.”

Tim bucked his hips involuntarily, the soft cloth of his tie tightening around his wrists as he tried once again to pull free. “Please, mistress,” he panted, “I need this. You know I mean it. Just let me…”

“Uh-uh,” she said with a smirk, “You know the rules, Tim. You want relief, you have to beg for it. Now are you going to say it or aren’t you?”

Tim swallowed and gave in. “I’m your pathetic little slave, mistress. Do whatever you will with me. Just…be gentle, I beg you.”

“Good boy.” Blair purred, before rearing her hand back and slapping him hard against the thigh. Tim groaned his relief, and she laughed throatily, spreading his legs and nestling herself between them. “Now then, I appear to have you completely at my mercy. What shall I do now…?”

Tim casually brought his knee forward, gently scraping it against the leather top she was wearing, smiling his satisfaction when he was able to feel her erect nipple through the fabric; she was just as aroused by this as he was. He started rubbing his knee in circles against her breast, while forcing his upper body to squirm, hoping Blair wouldn’t catch on to what he was doing.

No such luck; Blair grabbed onto his knee and pushed him away from her. “Naughty boy, Tim,” she said with a knowing smile, “You know that’s not allowed until I’ve untied your wrists. For such a blatant violation of the rules, you’re going to have to be punished.”

Tim’s heart sank a little. “Is that necessary, mistress? You know how I get at this point in the night. Can’t you forgive my transgression?”

She shook her head and reached forward to untie him. “Maybe if you hadn’t balked at begging for it, or tried to dictate where you wanted me to hit you. You’re not the one in charge here, Tim. I am, and if you need to be reminded of that on occasion, so be it. Now get dressed and go stand under the window. If you’re not there in three minutes, I’ll escalate it to the dusty rag.”

Tim sighed, rubbing his wrists, and reached for the t-shirt and sweatpants Blair had put beside the bed “Just in case”. Dressing quickly, he left her room and jogged down the stairs, counting down in his head until he reached the patch of lawn right underneath her window. As he did so, he saw the window open, and spotted the outline of Blair’s head. “How long do I need to be here?” he called up.

“Until you’re too breathless to talk back,” Blair answered, “I’ll tell you when to stop. Now get going.”

Tim sighed and looked around, considering his options. The little red flowers certainly would get him breathless quickly, but they’d also leave him weak and unable to fully enjoy himself. The weird yellow sprigs smelled terrible, but they got the job done at a more reasonable pace. And the white flowers did nothing unless he stuck them directly up his nose, and he didn’t feel he’d deserved that much punishment. It seemed like he only had one option.

With a grimace, he pulled one of the plants (he wasn’t sure if they were flowers so much as clumps of pollen) towards him and gave it a firm shake, simultaneously putting his nose to it and breathing in. A stale, musty scent filled his nose, and he coughed and took a few steps back. Still, the damage had been done, and he could feel his body reacting to the massive dose of pollen he’d just inhaled. His eyes closed involuntarily, his breath caught, and then…

Hresshhh! Eshhh! Keshhh!

He put the back of his hand to his nose, perhaps in a subconscious attempt to keep from breathing in any more pollen. Not that it would do any good; he’d learned from experience that this particular pollen got everywhere, no matter what precautions he might try to take. Even as he thought it, his nose prickled again, and he bent double with the force of the sneeze. “Hashhh!

“Bless you,” Blair called from overhead, “Not a bad start. But I’m going to need a good fit from you before I’m willing to let you back up here.”

Tim sniffed lightly and considered his options. He needed to get this over with quickly, before either of them lost their arousal. He was still loathe to use the red or white flowers, so really, his only option was absolutely surrounding himself in the stuff. Exhaling carefully, he set to work.

He plucked a tiny sprig of the plant off the bush and started waving it around his face, watching as small puffs of pollen rose into the air and then immediately made a beeline for his face. Closing his eyes, he deliberately breathed in, coughing again in an attempt to spit out the stale smell that now seemed to fill both his nose and mouth. The moment his nose started itching, he moved on to phase two.

Tim focused all his attention on the itch, mentally willing it to grow larger. He tried to visualize the grains of pollen in the air, sticking to his hair and leaving a yellow dust on his skin and clothes. Even more importantly, he envisioned the pollen that had entered his nose, brushing against the already sensitive sides, piling up on each other and getting stuck deep in the back of his nose, desperate to be pushed out. And there was only one way for that to happen.

His mental exercises were clearly working, because his nose twitched violently and he could feel his body tensing up in preparation. “Heh…hihh…hahhh…” It was close, but he needed that little push to send him over the edge.

Just before instinct took over, he brought the sprig to his face and took a shaky breath, getting one last blast of pollen directly from the source. It was exactly the excuse his body had been waiting for.

HASHHHH!” Tim dropped the plant and cupped his hands over his face, trying to keep any more pollen from entering. He was able to draw one shallow breath before the sneezes started up again. “Hishh! Ishh! Kshh! Kchht!

He thought he could hear Blair’s voice overhead, but he was sneezing too much to be sure. “Ichh! Chh! Hat-chh!

“All right!” Blair called down, half-shouting to be heard, “Punishment’s over! Come upstairs before you damage something!”

Shoulders dropping in relief, Tim put a hand to the wall and maneuvered his way back towards the front door, still sneezing too much to be able to see where he was going. “Kchh! Tchh! Heh…Heshh!

Getting inside and out of the worst of the pollen allowed Tim to finally open his eyes, though it was impossible to keep them from watering. Taking a breath through his mouth, he climbed up the stairs, feeling his legs shake faintly. All the sneezing had taken more out of him than he’d thought. He hoped it wasn’t enough to spoil the evening.

Blair had her door open and was watching him approach. “How are you feeling?”

Tim considered. His arousal had abated for the moment, but the spirit was still willing. Considering how Blair operated, it wouldn’t take long to get back to their previous situation. However, he was still coated in a generous dose of pollen, and him sneezing through the session wouldn’t be good for either of them. Not to mention that it might exhaust him still further. Which would Blair be more displeased by, a delayed start or a less than stellar scene?

Taking the gamble, Tim pulled out the middle safeword. “M…Mishh!…Moisture.”

“Ok,” Blair said, pointing to the bathroom across the hall, “I don’t think there’s anyone in there at the moment. Strip down and get in the shower. I’ll wriggle out of these and come help you scrub the allergens out of your hair.”

“Yes, mistress. Thank you, mistress,” Tim said, inclining his head respectfully before backing away towards the bathroom. As soon as Blair had closed the door, he turned around and crossed the hallway in three strides, eager to get under the hot water as soon as possible.

Fortunately, Blair had been correct that there was no one else in the bathroom. Tim quickly hopped in the shower, pulled off his clothes (well aware that it would send more pollen into the air, but he valued speed over caution at the moment), and turned the knob on the shower to as hot as he could stand. He sneezed once as the combination of pollen and water hit his face, but he could already feel the steam dissipating the worst of it. “Iktchh!

He stood under the water for a minute or so, breathing in carefully, feeling the worst of the itch dissipate. There was still a faint, nagging tickle, but he was sure it would be gone by the time the shower was over. Especially if Blair was there to help.

Even as he thought it, he heard the bathroom door open and close, and Blair’s eye peeked through the shower curtain. “Good, you waited. On your knees, and I’ll lather you up.”

Tim obligingly put his hands on the wall and slid down until his knees touched the shower floor. He heard the rustle and clink of the shower curtain, and then felt Blair’s legs brush against his back. “Goodness, you went all out, didn’t you?” she said, her fingers carding through his hair, “I can still see bits of yellow on your hair. If you’d kept that up for much longer, you’d have turned blonde.”

Tim wasn’t sure if she expected him to answer or not. Fortunately, the reference to the pollen caused the tickle in his nose to spike, and he sneezed by way of response. “Krshh!

“Sneeze it out, Tim,” Blair said, one knee deliberately rolling between his shoulderblades as she started popping open bottles, “I think you’ve been punished enough. No need to hold back this time.”

“Thank you, mistress.” Tim murmured, relieved that she had decided to keep the punishment fairly simple this time. He tried not to break the rules, he really did, but sometimes he just couldn’t help himself. Why some people claimed the punishment side of BDSM was actually pleasurable, he’d never know. Other than when he and Blair were play-acting, he couldn’t see the fun in it.

Blair’s hands were in his hair again, rubbing something thick into his curls. He closed his eyes to keep the shampoo out, enjoying the sensation. She wasn’t pulling or tugging unnecessarily, aware that right now, they were mostly in a neutral space. No, that part would come later, once they’d moved on to the sex proper.

There was a companionable silence for a few minutes, the only sounds the running of the water and Tim’s occasional sneeze. Then, as Blair tilted his head upwards to get the shampoo out of his hair, she said;

“What have we learned, Tim?”

“That I need to remember my place, Mistress.” Tim said, as well as he could through the mouthful of water he ingested.

“Which means what?” she prompted, pushing his head down.

Tim spat out the water. “I am not to talk back to you unless you give me permission. I am not to touch you unless you give me permission. And I am to follow your orders for as long as we’re in the scene.”

“Good boy,” Blair purred, running her hands through his hair one last time, “I’d say you’ve mostly learned your lesson. But I want to make sure it’s been driven home. Tell me the consequences if you violate those rules. Maybe if they’re fresh in your mind, you’ll be less likely to break them.”

Tim grimaced at the thought, feeling that stab of guilt he always got whenever he’d disappointed his mistress. “Depending on how harsh the violation, I’m to surround myself with one of my allergens. I must either stand out in a pollen filled area, cover my nose with a dusty cloth for a few minutes, or inhale an allergen and hold the sneezes back for as long as possible.”

“Very good,” Blair said, her smile evident in her voice, “In fact, I believe a little reward is in order…”

And she knelt down beside him, her breast pressing up against the small of his back, as she ran a soapy cloth over his shoulder and neck, trying to scrub off any lingering remnants of pollen. Tim arched his back, panting a little, feeling the stirrings of arousal once more. He knew he’d made the right choice; Blair always knew how to get rid of his lingering shame over being punished.

As she tilted his head up once more to scrub under his chin, he caught the scent of her soap, something exotic and fruity. It smelled lovely, but it wasn’t helping his nose at the moment. “Knxt!” He stifled, not wanting to get water up his nose.

“Bless you,” Blair said, taking the washcloth away and carefully running her fingers over his adam’s apple, “How’s your nose?”

“It’s fine, mostly,” he answered, “As long as I don’t inhale any more pollen, it shouldn’t cause any more problems tonight.”

“Mmm,” She murmured, moving her hand down to trace his collarbone, “And that depends on if you’re willing to be good or not.”

“I’ll be good, mistress,” Tim promised her, “I won’t move a muscle unless you tell me to.”

“Shall I hold you to that?” she teased, her finger now circling his left nipple, “Because one twitch could lead me to bring out the dust rag for breaking your promise.”

Tim tensed immediately. “I’m sorry, Mistress. I don’t think I’m capable of following the orders quite that closely.”

“And I wouldn’t ask you to,” she reassured him, scrubbing at his shoulder, “I know it’s hard to lie still in the heat of passion. I won’t begrudge you a few involuntary spasms. All I ask is that you follow the basic rules.”

“You have my word on that, mistress.” Tim promised her.

“Good. Now, I think I’ve gotten rid of the pollen. Stand up and rinse yourself off. I’ll dry off and take your clothes out of here so they don’t bother you. When I get back, shut the water off.”

“Yes, mistress.” Tim said, rising to his feet as she slipped out. Lifting his arms over his head, he turned in a slow circle, allowing the water to hit every inch of him. The irritation in his nose was gone, but the soft touches she’d given him had made him sensitive in…other areas. As much as he wanted to do something about it, he certainly knew better than to do anything without Blair’s permission, especially after the conversation they’d just had. Best to just let the anticipation build.

When the door creaked open again, he waited just long enough to hear Blair murmur “Ocean.” before turning the water off. Orders or no orders, it wouldn’t do to scandalize one of the other ladies on this floor. Blair knew it too, because she didn’t comment on the short pause. Instead, she shoved a towel through the shower curtain. “Dry off. Carefully.”

Tim obeyed, though he gave only a cursory swipe at his legs, not wanting to risk triggering an orgasm by touching himself in the right (or in this case, wrong) way. “Finished.” He said.

“There’s a bathrobe on the hook. Put it on and get out, quickly. I’ll meet you in the hall.”

Tim groped around until he found the thin green robe Blair had bought specially for their scenes. Wrapping it around himself just enough to protect his modesty, he darted out of the shower and bathroom, hoping he wouldn’t see anyone in the hall.

Only Blair was there, wrapped in her pink silk bathrobe. “Come on then, let’s get back to my room. We’ve been lucky so far, but the R.A. will throw a fit if she pokes her head out and realizes what’s going on.”

“Didn’t you say you can hear her and her boyfriend even through a closed door and a pillow over your head?”

“R.A. privilege, apparently,” Blair snorted, taking his wrist and guiding him back to her room, “Not that she can ban us from having guys over, but she hates the idea of anyone having more fun than her.”

Tim grinned. “Then we’ll have to double our pleasure, just to spite her.”

“I knew there was a reason I liked you,” Blair laughed, opening the door and pushing him inside, “Though it does mean you get a bit mouthy when we’re having a scene.”

“That’s what the punishments are for, aren’t they?”

“I guess so. Now, speaking of that mouth of yours, shut it and get back on the bed.”

Tim obeyed her, returning to the position he’d been in before the punishment had started. Blair picked up his tie and bound his wrists to the plank of wood she’d jammed behind her bed. Once she was sure the knots were tight enough, she picked up the red bandanna, considered it for a moment, then set it aside. “We’ll swap one for the other. Got to keep our activities muffled for the R.A.’s sake, after all.”

Tim nodded, figuring she didn’t want him speaking right now. She grinned at him, fiddling with her belt. “Now then, we’ll pick up where we left off. Well, almost.”

“Almost?” Tim repeated, despite himself, “What do you mean, almost?”

She threw off the robe and crawled onto the bed beside him. “I don’t think it’s worth putting on my clothes again, do you?”


“I have to say, your explanation doesn’t exactly fill me with confidence,” Kim said, setting down her drink, “She still sounds like a bad Domme, only now it’s because she was an inexperienced one.”

“And she’d be the first one to agree with you,” Tim said, chuckling softly, “I saw her at our tenth college reunion, and she admitted that she’d read up on proper BDSM practices, and apologized for her total misinterpretation of ‘punishments’. She didn’t go into details, but she assured me she and her fiancé always follow proper techniques now.”

Kim nodded. “I guess I can’t fault her. We’re all idiots when we’re first figuring this out. It’s just too bad that it left some long-term effects on you.”

“It’s not that bad, really,” Tim tried to assure her, “A few sneezes here or there aren’t the problem. It’s only if I sneeze too much in one sitting that makes my body think I’m being punished. We can find ways to work around that.”

“Are you sure?” Kim said, “I never want my subs to feel uncomfortable. You don’t need to push yourself for my sake.”

“I’m sure,” Tim said, giving her his most winning smile, “It’s no trouble, really.”

“All the same, I’ll probably wait to introduce that element into the bedroom until we’ve gotten to know each other a little better first…”

True to her word, Kim held off on bringing her sneeze kink into the scene, concentrating instead on the various toys that she thought would work for both of them. Tim enjoyed the experimentation, and considering the looks Kim gave him after they’d finished, the feeling was clearly mutual.

It was only on the evening of their fifth scene, when they were discussing what they were in the mood for that Kim finally said, hesitantly, “Tim…do you think you’re up for a bit of sneezing?”

Tim nodded. “Absolutely. You’ve been patient with me, and the least I can do is pay you back. What did you have in mind?”

Kim opened a drawer by the bedside table and pulled out a small blue bottle. “Perfume,” she said, “It’s pretty strong; the impact of it hitting your nose will probably affect you more than the scent will. I’m thinking we’ll tie you to the bed and pass this under your nose every few minutes. A pleasure for a pleasure, so to speak.”

“Seems fair.” Tim agreed. Even through his apprehension, he could feel a growing excitement. He’d been wondering for a while what exactly sneezing did to her. Who knew, maybe her reaction would be enough to cut through the “punishment” feeling.

“All right, then,” she said, and her voice smoothly changed into her authoritarian Domme voice, “Off with the clothes and on the bed. I need to change and gather up a few other items.”

“Yes, Ma’am.” Tim said meekly, hands rising to his throat to unbutton his shirt. Kim kissed his cheek and sauntered out of the room, deliberately swaying her hips to spur Tim on. He licked his lips and tried to speed things up.

Just as he was arranging himself on the bed, Kim returned, wearing a purple latex bra and matching silk panties, two dark blue cloths dangling from her hand. “X position.” she said, and Tim automatically spread his arms and legs. As she stepped closer, her bra caught and reflected the light, causing Tim to squirm. Kim looked him over and smirked. “Getting excited already, I see. Well then, this will be fun.”

She moved to his side and firmly tied his wrist to the left bedpost. “I do love how the dark blue stands out against your skin,” she said, kissing his palm and causing him to inhale sharply, “It suits you.”

“Th-thank you, Ma’am.” Tim murmured. She ran her finger down his arm, over his collarbone, and across his other arm before tying his other wrist to the post. “Flex for me.” she said, stepping away.

Tim opened and closed his hands three times. “Good,” she said, climbing onto the bed and straddling him, sitting on his stomach, “Now then, it seems you’ve gotten a head start in the pleasure department. Let’s even it up, shall we?”

She picked up the perfume bottle again and uncorked it, passing it slowly under his nose. “Breathe in.”

Tim obeyed, the scent hitting his nose almost immediately. She’d been right about the strength; he could barely tell what the perfume smelled like, instead preoccupied with the feeling of something strong filling his entire nose. He closed his eyes, trying to coax the sneeze out.


He could feel Kim’s hand on his hip, rubbing encouragingly. Breathing in sharply, he pulled the perfume to the very back of his nose, hoping that would be enough.

It was. “Heshhh! Ishhh!” Tim’s head jolted forward, and he could feel Kim bounce on top of him slightly. He took a careful breath and felt his nose tingle slightly, but it seemed the worst had passed.

“Mmm, bless you.” Kim said throatily, and Tim opened his eyes to get a good look at her. She was smiling in satisfaction, her eyes taking on a definite gleam. She ran her fingers up his chest. “My turn.”

She plucked two silver clamps from the table and curled her fingers around them. Giving him a coy smile, she bent over his chest and started licking first one nipple, then the other. Tim twitched, biting his lip to keep from making any noise. Kim looked up and shook her head. “Groan all you need to, Tim. I like to know I’m doing my job right.”

“Y-yes, Ma’am.” Tim said, the words coming out in a sigh. It turned into a hiss a moment later as she bit down lightly, encouraging the nipple to swell. Almost as soon as she’d taken her lips away, she attached the clamp, twisting it just a little to hold it in place. “Status?” she asked.

“Lake,” he answered, “And I’d like more, Ma’am.”

“All in good time,” she said, picking up the perfume bottle again, “I’d like to see your face contort for a different reason, first.”

She passed the bottle under his nose, and he obligingly breathed in. Thanks to the lingering perfume from the first pass, he didn’t even need to try to coax the sneeze out. “Krshh! Shht! Issst!

“Bless you.” Kim purred, rubbing herself against him. Even through the latex, he could tell her own nipples had hardened. She saw him looking and smirked. “I thought you could use the company.” she said, pinching his other nipple firmly before attaching the clamp.

Tim moaned, arching his back. The pain was electrifying, and the cold sting on his chest being counterbalanced by the soft silk rubbing at his wrists and stomach was stimulating him in all the right ways. His nose was still itching, sure, but it was a small price to pay for feeling like this.

Even as he thought it, Kim took the bottle from the table again, her free hand fiddling with one of the clamps. “Status?”

“Lake,” he gasped, “Please, ma’am, please…”

“Soon, sweetheart, soon,” she promised, “I need to get your nipples to maximum sensitivity before we get down to business.”

She passed the bottle under his nose, and his breath caught immediately. “Eshh! Ishh! Kshh! Hitshh!

He’d assumed that would be the end of it, but just as Kim corked the bottle again, the tickle spiked once more, and since he was unable to rub the itch away, all he could do was let it out. “Krtchh! Rshh! Harshh!

Almost immediately, the “punishment” instinct kicked in. His brain buzzed, his muscles tensed, and his heart started beating a little faster, leaving him feeling nervous and guilty. But all he could do was sneeze. “Kashh! HASHH!

Even through the haze the sneezing had brought on, he could feel Kim pressing her thumb hard into his palm, one of her non-verbal safeword checks. He curled his hand around it, squeezing hard. Get me out of here! his brain begged her, End the punishment!

In seconds, the cloths were gone from his wrists, and Kim was hauling him off the bed, half-dragging, half-pushing him. “I got you, I got you,” she was murmuring, “Just hold on for one more minute.”

Tim wasn’t able to see where they were going, his vision blurred by the constant sneezing and the allergic tears. But he heard the clank of a door, felt something smooth and cold against his back, and then suddenly, he was hit by a torrent of cold water, which startled him enough to stop the sneezing for a moment. Then a hand thrust a fistful of toilet paper into his face. “Blow, quickly,” Kim said, “before it turns to mulch.”

Tim obeyed her, and sighed in relief as the itch abated, leaving a lingering ache but removing the need to sneeze. Kim disposed of the makeshift tissues and turned the water in the shower down slightly. “You ok?”

“I need a few minutes,” he said hoarsely, massaging his chest, “But I should be all right.”

She reached out and started undoing the clamps. “Are you up for talking about it?”

“There’s not much to say. I guess I inhaled too much perfume, and my body was telling me that in the only way it knew how.”

“And there was no warning beforehand? No twinge in the back of your mind that you were overdoing it?”

“No,” Tim tried to assure her, “I think it just built up with each sniff. I don’t think there was anything either of us could do about it.”

Kim nodded, lost in thought for a moment. Tim leaned against the shower wall, taking a few deep breaths to regain his equilibrium. As he was reaching out to turn off the water, Kim spoke again. “Well, so much for including sneezing in our sessions. First time out of the gate and it ends in disaster.”

“Don’t give up because of one bad experience!” Tim protested, “You said it yourself when we were first talking things over; we’re figuring things out. We’ve just learned that we can’t use perfume, that’s all.”

She looked at him in slight surprise. “You still want to do it? Despite all this?”

“From what you’ve told me, sneezing is one of your major kinks. If there’s some way to incorporate it into our play, I’m bound and determined to figure out how.”

Kim passed him a towel. “You’re sweet, Tim, but your safety comes first. There are plenty of other ways to get me off. I can do without.”

Tim changed his approach. “I saw the way you were looking at me after each sneeze. I rather liked it. I’d like to see it more often.”

Kim grinned, despite herself. “I have to admit, you’ve got just the sort of sneezes I like; soft but powerful. Still, it’s not worth putting you through all that.”

“But I want to be put through it,” Tim said, stepping out of the shower, “Maybe not to the point that it leaves me incapacitated, but…look, this is clearly an ingrained mental block. What would happen to me if I wound up at a work function surrounded by ladies wearing perfume? Or if I got sick and the primary symptom was sneezing? I’d just wind up even more uncomfortable. This is a safe way for me to get over the block.”

Kim looked at him thoughtfully for a moment. Then she nodded. “All right. You’ve made a compelling argument. But we’re going to need to work out how to do it safely. I don’t want something like this to happen again.”

“We’ll find a way,” Tim said, kissing her neck, “I have faith in that.”

She embraced him gently, rubbing his back. “I appreciate that, Tim. What I really want, above all else, is for you to trust me.”

Tim held her a little tighter at that. They’d only been together for a short time, but he did trust her. Maybe not enough to surrender himself to her completely, but he was certainly willing to listen to her ideas. After tonight, he was positive that she had his best interests at heart, and the thought was comforting, enough to wash away the lingering guilt from his ‘punishment’.

Kim pulled out of the hug slightly and brushed his hair out of his eyes. “Do you need anything after all that? Water? Something to eat? A blanket?”

“I think…” Tim smiled at her, “A bit of cuddling wouldn’t go amiss.”

“I was hoping you’d say that,” Kim said, taking his hand and leading him back to the bedroom, “Let me literally slip into something more comfortable first. It won’t do for my breasts to be squeaking every few minutes.”

Tim laughed, the faint tension in the air immediately dispelled. “You do that.”

A few minutes later, she had changed into a soft white nightgown, like something out of the old movies, and was holding him close, running her fingers through his hair. He used her chest as a pillow, caressing the material, feeling himself dropping off bit by bit. Odd how he could feel so sated even though they hadn’t completed the scene.

Just before he fell asleep, Kim whispered in his ear. “How about next week, we try this again, without the perfume?”

Tim grinned. “It’s a date.”

“All right,” Kim said, sitting on the edge of the bed, “I’ve been thinking it over ever since the perfume debacle, and I may have found something that can satisfy both of us. That is, if you’re up for trying it.”

“Depends on what it is.” Tim answered with a grin.

Kim opened the box on her lap and withdrew a dark blue feather. “Good for sneezes and raising goosebumps,” she quipped, “and the tip’s pointed for maximum inducing potential.”

Tim couldn’t stop himself from laughing. “You’ve had a month to think it over, and that’s what you came up with? One feather?”

She gave him a look. “Just for that, I’m bringing out the ice.”

“Sorry,” Tim said, “But to answer your question, yes, I’m game. Just…take it slowly. A good gap between sneezes might not trigger the ‘punishment’ feeling.”

“That was the plan,” Kim said, “Now, get those pants off and get into the X position. I think we’d better tie wrists and ankles this time, just to be safe. Don’t want you thrashing around when I apply the ice, after all.”

Tim obeyed, and already had his wrists against the headboard when Kim returned with the cloths and an icebucket. She’d elected for the au naturel look tonight, perhaps so she’d be ready for action the moment she determined it was time for the sex to start. The thought of her dropping everything and pouncing on him made him wriggle slightly. “Stop that,” Kim chided, even as she smirked, “No getting aroused until we’ve actually started the scene.”

“What can I say? I live to bend the rules.”

She reached out and started tying his wrists. “I’ll bend you over a table if you’re not careful. Now hold still.”

Once she was reassured that he was secure but capable of limited movement, she stretched out next to him, stroking his chest. “Let’s see, now…” she mused, “We can’t do this out of order. First comes the heat…”

Unexpectedly, she slapped his chest with the palm of her hand, hard enough to leave it stinging. “Then the cold…” she continued, plucking a sliver of ice from the bucket and rubbing it over the area she’d just slapped. Tim yelped at the sudden change in temperature, and she grinned roguishly, continuing to play with the ice until it had completely melted. “And finally, the brush.”

Retrieving the feather, she ran it over the “injured” area, holding it just above his chest so that the feather barely skimmed his skin. Tim felt goosebumps breaking out all down his arms, and he took a shaky breath. “I think we have a winning formula.” Kim said with satisfaction, before reaching up and running the feather around the edge of Tim’s nose.

Tim’s nose twitched almost immediately, though the actual need to sneeze didn’t come until she lightly flicked the feather into his nose, twisting it back and forth so that it touched every inch of his nose. His eyes closed involuntarily, he felt the tip poke something sharp and tickly in the back of his nose, and then…


Kim withdrew the feather immediately and kissed his cheek. “Bless you. Status?”

“Lake,” Tim said, “Though I have a suspicion the waters are going to be anything but placid.” Kim just smiled and examined his body, looking for a good area to hit.

It quickly fell into a rhythm; smack, ice, brush, sneeze. Kim always waited until her piece of ice had fully melted before moving on to the next step, allowing Tim’s nose at least three minutes rest. All the while, she murmured constantly into his ear, praising his body and making assurances that she was going to give him the fuck of his life. Based on the glint in her eyes, he had no doubt that she would keep her promise.

There was just one problem. Even with the breaks, he could feel a faint niggling at the back of his mind, a semi-conscious concern that he was sneezing too much. He tried to ignore it, focusing on the chill of the ice and the pleasurable burn that came every time Kim struck him. It’s only one small sneeze every few minutes, he told himself, I can handle that.

His mind begged to differ. By the time Kim had moved down to ice his legs, his heart was fluttering nervously, trying to signal Tim that he’d done something wrong and should feel bad about it. He squeezed his eyes shut, trying to out-logic the feeling. It’s all right. It’s fine. We’re not overdoing it, and she’s not punishing me. I’ll stop sneezing in a few minutes.

It seemed to work for a minute or so, but as soon as the feather entered his nose again, it all came rushing back. He sneezed again, shaking his head slightly on the pretext of trying to drive away the itch. Kim slid her finder under his nose and rubbed it for him, giving him a seductive smile. He managed to smile back, even as his heart throbbed guiltily. Tim waited until she had turned away before gritting his teeth and trying to mentally talk his body down. They were going to successfully get through this scene, even if he had to berate himself the whole way through.

He knew, logically, that he should use the safeword, or at least ask her to take it slow. But he was at a loss as to how they could take it any slower. No, this was his mental block speaking, and the only way through it was to break it by force. Besides, denying Kim the opportunity to play with her sneeze kink really would make him feel guilty. Better to endure it now and let his body relax when they finally got around to the sex.

The feather was in his nose again, and he deliberately breathed in, just to spite the feeling. “Hitpshh!

“Bless you,” Kim smiled, resting her hand on his chest, “I think it’s time we…”

She froze, her hand pressing down harder on the spot over his heart. Then she looked back into his face, scrutinizing him carefully. Tim tensed involuntarily, and she shook her head. “Flood.”

Tim was aghast. She was the one using the safeword? “No, Ma’am, it’s all right. I can manage.”

“No. You’re not enjoying this. Your heart’s beating a mile a minute, and your eyes have a certain tightness about them. It’s my responsibility to make sure you’re ok, and you’re clearly not. We stop.”

Even as Tim opened his mouth to protest, she reached out and untied his wrist. Knowing it would do no good to argue, Tim just closed his eyes and let her. The guilt he’d been feeling now seemed to encompass his entire chest. He’d let her down. Not only had he denied her sex, he hadn’t safeworded when he should have. No wonder she seemed stern.

Once he was loose, he sat up on the bed, rubbing his wrists to encourage the circulation. As he swung his legs over the bed, the faint rush of air ghosted over the dampness on his legs, and he suddenly found himself shaking. Part of it was the cold, but mostly, he suspected he was going through sub drop. Small wonder, considering what he’d just done.

“Hey…” Kim’s hand was on his shoulder, and her voice was soft, “Look at me.”

Tim did so hesitantly. She wasn’t smiling, but her eyes were tender. “Let’s warm you up.” she said, kissing his forehead before quickly moving to her closet and pulling out a spare blanket. Sitting next to him, she draped it over his shoulders and tucked it around his arms, before rubbing his back in slow circles. Tim pulled the blanket close, closing his eyes again. He was afraid of saying anything, in fear of his voice cracking. Best to focus on regulating his breathing and getting the shivering under control.

After a minute or so, Kim spoke up. “Tim, let’s get this out there, right now. I’m not blaming you for anything.”

Tim lifted his head a little. She’d promised that she’d always be honest with him, and he had no reason to doubt her. But after all this…

Kim curled her fingers around his shoulder. “I’m guessing the reason you didn’t say anything was because you were trying to push through your mental block, right? Just nod if that’s true.”

Tim nodded, feeling a tightness in his throat and behind his eyes. Damn it, he wasn’t going to cry. Not until they’d hashed this out.

Kim ran her fingers along his jaw. “I can see why you’d do that. Hell, there are plenty of situations in the real world where that is the right thing to do. And I’m not faulting you for thinking that was the way to do it. It’s just…a little bit of discomfort is fine during a scene. But your ‘punishment’ instinct was clearly overriding everything else. Maybe you would have felt better and gotten into it again when we started having sex and I had set the feather aside for good, but that wasn’t a chance I wanted to take. You shouldn’t have to feel miserable just for my sake. Do you see what I’m saying?”

Tim nodded again. It did make sense. The guilt hadn’t disappeared, but he was feeling a little better. Kim draped her arms over his shoulders and rested her head on his back. “I apologize in advance for this coming out sounding like it’s all about me, but rest assured, I don’t mean it that way. The reason I stopped the scene is because I hate seeing you in pain. That is, in pain and not enjoying it. I don’t want that. I want you to be enjoying things just as much as I am. And if you’re trying to fight off your mental block, you’re going to be distracted at best. Am I making any sense here?”

“I think so,” Tim said weakly, “You did it to make sure I was ok.”

“Exactly. You didn’t do anything wrong. Believe me when I say that.”

Tim swallowed. “I want to. It’s just…” his voice cracked, and he shut his mouth, gritting his teeth to keep from breaking down completely.

Shh, shhh…” Kim shifted positions so that he was now leaning on her, “Just take it slow. I’m here if you need anything.”

Tim took slow, deep breaths, allowing them to shudder but trying not to actually cry. Kim just rubbed his back and arms, helping to warm him up but otherwise leaving him be to pull himself together at his own pace. He was grateful for the silence and the chance for his mind to process everything that had just happened. He still felt guilty, but once he’d pulled out of the sub drop, he’d probably be all right. It was just getting to that point that was the hard part.

When the shaking had finally subsided and he felt composed enough to push away from her, Kim took his hand and squeezed it gently. “All right, you’ve had a rough day. I’ll let you dictate what we do for the rest of the evening. Cuddling, home cooked meal, bad tv…sky’s the limit.”

“I appreciate that.” He hesitated for a moment before continuing, “I know we ended the scene, and won’t be trying again tonight. But…could I have my hands tied together, at least? It would help me feel more secure.”

She nodded and gave him a soft kiss. “I think we can arrange that.”

In the end, they ordered Thai takeout and wound up on the sofa, watching an old comedy film, Tim’s hands bound in front of him while Kim fed him whenever he nuzzled her neck. The combination of food in his stomach and having something in front of him to distract him was what finally pulled him out of his funk, and by the time the credits rolled, he felt like he was capable of facing the world again. Kim had noticed it, too, because her smile was relaxed as she reached out to untie him. “Do you want to stay over, or would you rather be on your way?”

“I’ll stay. Maybe we’ll be able to pull off a quickie in the morning.”

He’d meant it jokingly, but Kim tilted her head, considering him. “Not that I’m opposed to that, but we’re going to have to lay down a rule.”

“What rule?” Tim said, already suspecting the basic gist of it.

“We’re suspending all thoughts of working sneezing into our scenes for a while. I won’t ask, and you won’t offer. When we’re together, we’ll focus on what else we have available. In the meantime, we’ll both try to think of ways to get through your mental block. Only when one of us thinks we’ve come up with something will we try again. Agreed?”

“Agreed.” Tim said. It seemed fair, though he wasn’t sure what he could do on his end. He had no idea what all was out there that could make him sneeze.

“Good. Now then, do you want the spare room, or do you want me there?”

“And why wouldn’t I want you there?” Tim teased, “I like having something nice to look at in the mornings.”

“Always the charmer,” Kim smirked, waving him towards her bedroom, “Your pajamas are in the spare room. I’m going to take a shower before bed.”

“Can’t I join you? I think my temperature’s still a little low after all that ice.”

Her smirk got a little wider. “Oh, all right. But be careful where you’re putting the soap.”


Kim was gentle with him (relatively speaking) for a while after that. She always asked him what he was in the mood for, and seemed to dedicate herself to making him happy, though there was never any doubt in his mind that she was enjoying herself, too. He never forgot about the agreement they made, but really, he had no ideas. But he didn’t feel too guilty about it; they’d get there, one way or another.

One night, about three months after the agreement, he and Kim were indulging in something she called “Film foreplay”. Tim would be bound and left crouching on the floor while Kim used his back as a footstool, and they would watch a movie dripping with sexual tension. This particular night, it was a period piece, something set around the time of Napoleon, where the women had gigantic gowns and wigs and the men were always bowing and kissing hands. The two leads had spotted each other across the room and were clearly about to approach each other to dance when Kim paused the movie. “Tim…” she said slowly, “I think I just figured it out.”

He knew what she meant immediately. “Are we going to…”

“Not tonight,” Kim said, “I need to get the right materials first. But we’ll try it next week, all right?”

“All right,” Tim said, “Weird as it sounds, I’m looking forward to it.” Kim just patted his head and started the movie again.

The next week, Tim went directly from work to Kim’s house, pausing just long enough to reapply deodorant and freshen his breath. If she had something in mind, something that required a specific prop, no less, he was certainly going to let her get to it as soon as possible.

When Kim opened the door, Tim’s breath caught. She was wearing a black latex catsuit and bright red lipstick; whatever she had planned, it involved her going full on dominatrix. Just the sight of her was making Tim a little excited. She smiled, eyes half-closed, and opened the door a little wider. “Right on time, Tim. Come in.”

Once the door was firmly shut behind them, Kim snapped out of her playacting and fixed Tim with a firm stare. “Tim, I know I’m taking a risk here, but I honestly think this will work better if you don’t know what’s coming. Are you willing to trust me and go into this blind?”

It didn’t take too long for Tim to make up his mind. After six months, he knew her well enough that he wasn’t afraid of her taking advantage of him. “Yes.” he said, tilting his head upwards to show her he was confident in his decision.

“And will you promise me that you’ll tell me if it’s getting to be too much? That you won’t try to push through the block?”

“I promise.”

Her eyes gleamed. “Then we’re ready. Get out of your clothes and then get on your knees. I think we need to work the stress out of your muscles.”

That’s when Tim noticed she was wearing her black stiletto heels, and his pulse quickened. He couldn’t get out of his clothes fast enough. Kim didn’t help him, watching him struggle out of his shirt with faint amusement, content to let his frustration encourage his libido.

When he was finally naked and on the floor, Kim stepped towards him, pulling something off the table and dangling it in front of his eyes. “Would you like to go for a walk, boy?”

The sight of the collar and leash got Tim even more excited. “Oh please, Ma’am. I’ve needed exercise all day.”

Kim slipped the collar around his neck, tugging it carefully to make sure it wasn’t too tight. “Let’s go, then. But I’ll be the one walking, at least at first.”

She moved behind him, close enough that he could just barely feel the latex brush against his rear, and then one heel was slowly driven into his calf. Tim groaned, and her free hand brushed the back of his neck, checking in. “Lake.” he hissed through gritted teeth. As long as she didn’t draw blood, she could press down as deep as she liked.

For a few minutes, she seemed content to step on him, occasionally giving a hard tug on the leash, ordering him to heel. Tim obligingly pressed closer to her, now actively panting. If she wasn’t careful, this might be over before they even got to her plan.

And then, as she tilted his chin upward to praise him for being a good boy, she slid one finger slowly under his nose. Instantly understanding, Tim breathed in. He caught the scent of something woody and smoky, but didn’t have too much time to process it before an itch sprang up in his nose. He didn’t fight against it, releasing the sneeze with a sharp “Heh-CHHT!

Just as his head snapped forward, Kim drove her heel into his calf as fast and deep as she could, causing him to gasp as his brain buzzed with surprise and pleasure. As soon as he’d caught his breath, she brushed his neck again. “Lake.” he said throatily. He couldn’t see her face, but he was almost positive she was smiling as she ran her fingers through his hair.

She let it rest for a few minutes, sending him on a walk around the room and forcing him to heel every ten paces. “Now then, boy,” she said, once they’d returned to where they started, “I think it’s time you did some tricks for me. Sit up.”

Tim folded his knees underneath him and sat up as straight as he could, pulling his arms to his chest in an approximation of a dog. She ruffled his hair, and a moment later, passed her finger under his nose again. He breathed in immediately, and only got a few seconds of preparation before…“KISHH!

There was a light but insistent tug on the leash, and he felt her heel against his back, twisting just enough to make him shudder. As he sniffed, she brushed his neck again. “Lake.” he assured her. He hadn’t felt a single twinge of guilt yet, too caught up in the anticipation of what she was going to do next.

What came next was putting him through his paces, telling him to roll over, play dead, shake hands, and various other pet tricks. Each trick was accompanied by some sort of smack, either with her hand or with a ruler she had nearby. He was starting to get desperate for release, and wasn’t sure how much longer he could hold out. He knew Kim would be aware of this, though, so he tried to keep himself in check, waiting for her to direct him.

As he sank down to all fours again after completing the “shake” trick, Kim scratched behind his ears with one hand, and used her other hand to run her finger under his nose once more. Tim breathed in, and…“HITCHH!

He felt the ruler smack the place between his shoulderblades, and the sneeze somehow managed to turn into a strangled groan midway through. Kim’s fingers brushed his neck. “Lake.” Tim said, though he wasn’t sure if the word was coherent, given how heavily he was breathing. God, he was going to explode!

Kim trailed the edge of the leash up and over his spine. “You’ve been such a good boy, Tim. One more trick for me, and then you can have a treat.” When Tim nodded, the lust was very evident in her voice as she finally reached his neck and gave the leash a slight tug, the collar rubbing against his throat. “Beg.”

Tim immediately rose to his knees, clasping his hands together. There was no need to fake the urgency in his voice as he said “Please, Ma’am, please, I need release. I’ve been on the edge for at least ten minutes. I’m not going to make it much longer. Give me relief, Ma’am. I’ll do anything!”

Her fingers were on the collar, undoing the clasp. “Very, very good. Now, get to your feet, put on a rubber, then help me out of this rubber.”

Tim was on his feet as soon as the collar left his throat. His hands were shaking slightly, making putting on the condom difficult, but he finally managed and turned around, to be greeted by the sight of Kim already half out of the catsuit, her bare breasts on full display. She pointed to her hips, and Tim knelt down one last time, carefully pulling down on the material as she tugged her legs out. Once she was loose, she stretched the catsuit back into shape, not wanting to damage it. As she turned to drape it over a chair, she said over her shoulder, “Bed.” Tim immediately lay flat on his back, hands fisted in the covers, biting down hard on his lip to keep himself in control.

In a few moments, Kim was on the bed beside him, eyes gleaming. Pushing his legs apart, she angled herself just right, gave him a quick slap on the thigh for good measure, and then sank onto him. She hummed in satisfaction, nearly drowned out by Tim’s whine of relief. She rested her palms on his chest and looked him square in the face. “Hold tight.” she said, grinning.

Then she was bouncing on top of him, using her hands to raise and lower herself, rolling her hips to change the angle slightly. Tim held out for as long as he could, but one particular twist rubbed him just the right way (literally) and he let out the loudest moan yet as his vision went hazy and his back arched. Moments later, Kim pressed her hands to his face and kissed him deeply, her body tensing for several seconds as her cry of pleasure buzzed in Tim’s mouth. He lifted one hand and pushed her head closer to his, deepening the kiss. He wanted to enjoy that sensation for just a little longer.

Kim had just enough presence of mind to disentangle herself from him before collapsing across his chest, head on his shoulder and one arm dangling limply off the bed. She exhaled slowly, and Tim could feel her other hand groping around until it finally touched a strand of his hair, at which point she started petting it. “Good boy,” she murmured, “You were magnificent.”

Tim rested a hand on her back, feeling a thin sheen of sweat. “Thank you, Ma’am.”

She turned her head to look into his face, kissing his chin. “I think we can safely call this experiment a success, don’t you?”

Tim nodded, but only once; he didn’t have the energy to keep it up. “The punishment instinct never kicked in, not even once. It just didn’t have time to pop up.”

“That was the thinking,” Kim said, moving her hand further up to stroke his hair, “If we couldn’t push through the mental block, maybe we could reprogram it. Instead of associating it with pain, try to start associating it with pleasure. Or at least, keep your mind off-balance enough that it wouldn’t have time to make the usual connections.”

Tim laughed softly. “Well, it worked. And I’d be happy to do it again, anytime.”

“Let’s not be too hasty, Tim,” Kim warned, “Just because this worked doesn’t mean you’re cured. There’s no guarantee that this will work every time. We’ll need to go about this carefully, testing limits, to see how many sneezes you can manage before getting uncomfortable.” She chuckled. “Lord, I make it sound like an experiment.”

“I stand by my statement,” Tim answered, “I’ll be happy to be your test subject.”

Kim kissed him again. “We’ll take it slow. Incorporate sneezing into one session a month. And we’ll talk beforehand to see how far we’re willing to go each time. Are you all right with that?”

“Yes,” Tim said, giving her a one-armed hug, “Of course I am. Anything that helps you indulge your kink is fine by me.”

“You’re sweet,” Kim said, finally pushing herself off him, “Would you like a rubdown?”

“Yes. Mostly in the legs. I always forget how pointy those heels are.”

“Done,” Kim said, swinging her legs over the bed and reaching over to pull off the condom as she did so, “Roll over, and I’ll get the lotion.”

They sat in silence for a few minutes, Kim rubbing the cool lotion over his calves, Tim trying not to fall asleep just yet. After a minute, to distract himself, he asked “So what exactly were you using to make me sneeze? It didn’t smell like dust.”

She reached over to her bedside table and picked up a small silver tin. “It’s called snuff,” she said, “It’s an alternative to smoking where you inhale the tobacco directly through the nose. Only downside is, inexperienced sniffers tend to wind up sneezing instead.”

“That’s a downside?” Tim teased.

“For most people, yes. For us, it’s a happy coincidence.” She finished rubbing and patted his leg. “What now, if anything?”

“Sleep, I think,” Tim said, “The exertions and the anticipation took more out of me than I realized.”

“Sounds lovely,” Kim agreed, giving him a soft shove, “Roll down so I can join you.”

Tim obeyed, and she was soon lying next to him, pulling the covers over them. “Tim?” she said, as she nestled herself against him.


“Thank you for trusting me, and for being willing to indulge me.”

Tim smiled warmly and kissed her forehead before closing his eyes. “Believe me when I say it’s my pleasure, Ma’am.”

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