by Tina
Rating: Gen
Fandom: Harry Potter
Disclaimer: The characters all belong to JKR
Author's Notes: Written for the Sneezefic in 132 Moods Challenge

Remus Lupin sat in his office at Hogwarts, a cardigan draped over his shoulders, sipping his tea and staring into the fire. He found his mind drifting back to his days there as a student. He dabbed his handkerchief to his dripping nose and realized that it was usually at times like these, feeling ill and tired after his transformation that his mind was drawn to earlier, happier times.

He remembered how his days following his transformation then had been filled with care and concern, first from Madame Pomfrey and then from his friends. Even before they had achieved the animagus transformation, they would show up bright and early at the infirmary the morning after the full moon bringing lots of chocolate and lots of company. He had lived for those days. After growing up virtually without any friends the bond he had formed with his fellow marauders had been like gold to him. If only things hadnít changed,'if James and Peter weren't gone, and if Sirius, well that was too much to think about now.

He shook his head as if to clear the old memories and looked over at the clock. He was surprised to find it was almost 10 o'clock, Harry would be there any minute. He stood up quickly, pulling on his jumper and setting his mug aside. He paused for a moment, sneezing forcefully into his handkerchief, "HETCHOOOOO!!!! Hehchooooo!!!"

His blew his nose wetly on the damp handkerchief and wondered if he should cancel his visit with Harry. Definitely not, he decided tossing the soggy handkerchief aside and grabbing several clean ones from the drawer to stuff into his pockets. He and Harry had fallen into the comfortable habit of taking a walk together on Saturday mornings. It had started weeks ago almost by accident the first time, and once Harry had learned that Lupin had known his parents, he had just started showing up on subsequent Saturdays inquiring if his professor would like to take another walk. Harry had used the time as an opportunity to learn about his parents and Lupin had used the time to acquaint himself with the child of two of his dear friends.

There was a knock on the open door as Harry poked his head into the office. He looked at his Professor with some concern,"Are you feeling alright Sir?"

Lupin nodded, unable to speak as another bout of sneezing was upon him, "Heshhhhhhh!!!! Ishooooooo!!!! AhhhhCHOOOOO!!!" He blew his nose for several minutes before responding. "I'm fine Harry, just coming down with a bit of a cold."

Harry looked doubtful, "Should we just skip our walk today Professor?"

"No, no Harry, I'm fine. I've been looking forward to our visit. I'm sure the fresh air will do me good."

Harry looked even more doubtful at this but merely shrugged his shoulders. "If you say so Sir. Maybe you should put on an extra jumper? You don't want to get any worse."

Remus smiled at the boy and recalled a time years earlier with another dark haired Potter boy. "If you're coming along Remus at least take my jumper," James had insisted removing his jumper and forcing it on his friend. He had tried to refuse but James wouldn't hear it. "You're already sick Moony, I don't want you to get any worse!"

"Professor Lupin sir?" Harry questioned with concern as Remus was brought back to the present.

"Oh, sorry Harry, I'm quite alright. You just reminded me of James for a moment there. Let's get going, shall we ?" Harry nodded and smiled, somewhat relieved as the two set out on their walk.

The walked on for some time, Remus relaying bits and pieces of James and Lily's lives to Harry, in between his frequent sneezing and sniffling. He made sure to steer clear of any mention of Sirius Black, which was quite difficult as he had been such a big part of James', well of all their lives then.

They finally reached the bridge, the usual destination of their walks and stopped for Remus to rest for a few moments. Remus felt again the overwhelming need to sneeze, "Ahhhh CHOOOO!!! Heh choooo!!!! Heshhhhh!!! Excuse me, Harry." He fumbled for his handkerchief and blew his nose wetly.

Harry looked at him with concern in his eyes, "Sir, maybe we should head back. You look like you need to rest......"

Remus looked into those eyes and saw Lily's eyes. "You know Harry I know I've told you before, but your eyes are so your mothers...." He paused reminiscing for a moment. "Your mother used to take care of us, all of us when we were ill."

Harry looked up, eager for information about his parents, "She did?" Remus nodded, "Once your father won her over she watched over his friends as well. I remember one summer I was ill, and James and.... well your father was away. It was just before you were born, and I didn't tell her I was sick because I didn't think she should come. I was worried about her getting sick in... her condition. But Sir... someone told her I was ill and she insisted on coming over. I had a terrible fever and I didn't really remember most of what happened but she stayed with me all night and the next day until the fever broke. Don't know what I would've done without her......"

Harry was watching him intently and Remus realized he was rambling again."I'm sorry Harry, I've discovered today that when I'm feeling a bit under the weather I tend to get very nostalgic. I'm probably boring you to tears."

"No sir, not at all. It's... it's actually nice to hear stories about them. Before I came here, I never did." Remus nodded at the boy as they set back on their way to the castle. He was glad they had gone, as both seemed to gain some comfort from their walk, and from his nostalgia.

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