by Lady_Gallatea_Ravenclaw
Rating: PG-13 (mentions of sex)
Fandom: Original
Pairing: Charlotte/Lucy (FF pairing!)
Disclaimer: I borrowed the idea of a sneezing remote from this fic on the Sneeze Fetish Forum: http://www.sneezefetishforum.org/forums/index.php?showtopic=13750&hl=remote

It is under the cover of night that Charlotte entered her girlfriend's house. Lucy wasn't back yet, and it gave Charlotte enough time to plant the goods. These goods were for tonight. Tonight, Charlotte would be pleasured and so would Lucy. Charlotte placed the goods around the small house. She snuck out of the house, hoping that Lucy had not arrived home yet. Everything was ready.

Charlotte came back an hour later, after Lucy called her over. She had the remote in her hand. This remote was a special one. It made people sneeze. And now, she was going to use it on her beloved Lucy.

She restrained herself from pressing the button until she had sat down with Lucy on the couch. The two sat next to each other and had started by snuggling. Lucy ran her hand down Charlotte's side and to her ass. Charlotte felt Lucy's breath by her neck and pressed the button. She heard Lucy's breath hitch before she let out a feminine, "Hitchoo!" onto her neck. Charlotte felt the spray graze her neck and felt pleasure between her thighs at the thought of more sneezing like that.

Lucy pulled away, embarrassed, rubbing her nose. Charlotte smiled reassuringly and pressed the button again, twice.

"Hiiitchoo! Hitchoo!" sneezed Lucy into her delicate hand. Lucy was short with soft black hair and hazel-green eyes. She had delicate hands and porcelain-like skin. Her sneezes were like her, soft and small. Charlotte was bigger, with light brown hair and blue eyes.

"Whoa, those came up out of nowhere," commented Lucy. She was about to continue when she sneezed again, this time a real sneeze. "HIITCHOO!"

"Bless you, sweetie. Are you coming down with something?" asked Charlotte innocently.

"No," said Lucy, shaking her head. "I've felt fine all day."

Charlotte thought, Well, that's about to change as she clicked the remote three times fast, one slow, and another fast. She watched as Lucy's breath hitched, her mouth dropping open, and her hands still at her sides. The sneezes came too fast for her to cover.

"HITCHOO! Hah-CHOO! Huh-CHOO! Hah-hah-hah-HAHCHOO! HITISHOO!" Lucy's sneezes had gotten bigger, heavier, and wetter. The forced sneezes with no real origin had opened up her sinuses, and her nose had begun to run steadily.

Lucy grabbed a tissue box and dug into it for the soft paper. She held it to her nose and blew heartily. Just as she had finished, she was caught by another sneezing fit, via Charlotte's remote.

"HUHCHOO! HIH-HIH-HIH-HITISHOO! HAH-HAH-HAHCHOO! HUHSHOO! HUHSHOO! ITCHOO! HIIIIIITISHOOOO!" Lucy's sneezes made her body bend forward halfway and into the bundle of tissues in her hand. They were slowly obliterated by the force and wetness of her sneezes. She groaned when she realized the soggy mess that was now in her hand and quickly blew her nose to get rid of the leftover tickle.

Charlotte was in pure ecstasy, pleasuring this feeling between her legs. If it was up to her, she would keep Lucy sneezing for the rest of the night. Or at least until she orgasmed. Charlotte clicked the remote again.


After some time, once Lucy's nose was very red, runny, and stuffy, Charlotte decided to use the stuff. She clicked the button a few last times and opened her mouth to say something.

"HIIIIITISHOO! HUH-HUH-HUH-HUH-HUHHCHOO! HITCHOO! HITCHOO! HIIIIIIITIIIISHOOOOOO!" Lucy blew her nose very wetly and emptied the copious mucus into three tissues. She sniffed and rubbed her watery eyes with a fresh tissue, blinking up at Charlotte miserably at the end.

"I'b sorry Charlodde. I did't dow I woud hab a code or waddever dis is, donight," apologized Lucy woefully.

"I'm sure it's just allergies Luce. Maybe, if we find what you are allergic to and get rid of it, you'll stop sneezing. And if it turns out that you aren't allergic, then we'll know that you have a cold. 'Kay?" suggested Charlotte.

Lucy nodded as she blew her runny nose again, and Charlotte made her sneeze a couple more times.

"HIIITCHOO! HIIIIIIITTTCHOOOOO!" Lucy sneezed and blew her nose again.

Charlotte pulled her girlfriend to her feet and went around the living room, looking for something that could make her lover sneeze.

"Do you think it is dust?" asked Charlotte, as she brushed a hand against the countertop. She then held her hand near her lover's nose and watched as Lucy took an involuntary breath in.

"N-no, I-I-I d-d-don't th-th-think s-s-... ACHOO! HAHCHOO! ITISHOO! HIIITISHOO!" sneezed Lucy. "So."

"Okay, then," said Charlotte. She brushed off her hands in the air and moved on to the next object. Lucy sneezed again, miserably, and blew her nose.

"Well, what about a feather duster?" asked Charlotte as she held up the blue gaudy thing. She waved it around, in front of Lucy's face, and watched delightfully as she teased Lucy's nose into sneezing again.

"HIIIITCHOOO! IIIITCHOO! HHIIHTISHOO! HAHCHOO! SHOO!" sneezed Lucy powerfully into her tissue.

"Nope, not the feather duster. Those sneezes were too powerful. Let's try something else," said Charlotte mischievously.

Lucy wiped her runny nose and sniffed miserably. "HIIIIITTIIIIICHOOOOO!" she sneezed into her wet tissue. As Lucy blew her nose again, Charlotte smiled evilly.

Charlotte pulled out the flowers. These were huge lilies, full of pollen and allergy-causing scent. Immediately, Lucy's tickly nose reacted.

"HHHIIIIIHHHTIIIIISHOOOOOO! HAAH-CHOO! IIIII-TIIISHOO! HHHHUUUHHHHCHOOOOO! HHHHHHIIIIIHHHTIIIISHOOOOO!" Lucy sneezed and sneezed and sneezed, her body flapping forward at each sneeze, her nose running, and spraying out mucus even more with each sneeze.

Charlotte was in ecstasy and touched herself briefly as her girlfriend was occupied with the sneezing fit. After almost fifteen sneezes, Lucy dizzily leant against the wall and blew her tickly nose thoroughly. She sighed and looked with watery eyes at Charlotte, who had a blush in her cheeks.

With an uncharacteristically high voice, Charlotte pounced on Lucy and grabbed her. She dragged her girlfriend to the bedroom saying, "Come on Lucy, I need you."

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