by Brigidmn
Rating: PG (pre-implied slash, nakedness)
Fandom: Harry Potter
Pairing: kind of implied pre-Percy/Oliver
Disclaimer: Not mine, JKR's

Oliver leaned against the wall in the locker room shower, feeling the hot water rain over his chilled body. His other teammates had showered quickly, eager to get home and on with their lives. Oliver, however, was not quite ready to leave the warmth of his shower. "Hhuurrehhshooo." A large sneeze doubled him over.

"Bless ye." He heard a voice say as he looked up. "Almost ready to head home?" His roommate, Malcolm, asked.

Oliver sniffled. "Almost." He rubbed his wet arm against his face and let the warmth of the shower soak into his stiff muscles. He'd been practicing way too much lately, he thought. Rinsing his hair one more time, he left the showers, taking the towel Malcolm handed him and wrapping it around his waist. He grabbed another one and rubbed his hair and face dry. He shuddered involuntarily as a chill ran through his body.

Malcolm handed him his clothing. "I'd suggest ye get dressed. You're shivering."

Oliver nodded taking the pants and sweater from him and dressing quickly. Buttoning his jeans, he turned his head and sneezed. "Uhhruhhshoo, huhhshoo."

"Bless. Let's get home and get something warm into your stomach." Malcolm suggested. Oliver nodded, rubbing his nose in the towel and grabbing his parka. He tossed the wet towels into the laundry bin, and he and Malcolm headed for home.

Oliver pulled his jacket tight around him as the wind blew against his face. Fortunately, the flat he shared with Malcolm was only a few minutes walk from the practice field. Shivering slightly, he waited patiently for Malcolm to unlock the door, rubbing his glove across his runny nose. "Heychishh." He pressed his gloved palm against his nose as Malcolm opened the door.

"Bless." Malcolm looked at Oliver. "Are ye coming down wi' something? You've been doing that quite a bit today." Oliver slipped out of his parka and grabbed a paper towel from the counter to blow his nose. "And if you don' mind me saying, ye were a wee bit off at practice." He paused and looked at Oliver, who hadn't even responded to his criticism of the practice session, and saw that he was shivering. And preparing to sneeze again.

"Huhhchishhoo, churshhooo."

Malcolm waited while Oliver blew his nose before brushing a hand against the shorter man's forehead. "Ye are ill."

"I'b fide. Jus' a wee bit of a sdiffle is all. Too buch practice ad dot edough rest."

"Aye, I know. You look like utter shite righ' now."

"Just...draid." Oliver scrubbed at his nose with the paper towel again.

"Why don' ye lay on the couch while I make ye some soup and tea."

"I'b dot very hudgry." Oliver protested half-heartedly.

"Jus' eat a wee bit. Ye need to keep your strength. An' it'll warm you up a bit. Go rest, laddie."

Oliver nodded, reaching for another paper towel. "Hehheruhhshoo." He sneezed as Malcolm pushed him toward the couch. Curling up and wrapping a blanket around himself, he saw the owl he had received from Percy the other day but had been too worn out to respond to. Picking it up, he read through it again, snagging the tissue box which stood on the end table.

Hey Ollie -
How are things with you? How's practice going? I know you should be done soon. I've got a ruddy cold and Mum's making me stay home from work until I'm better. Hate to think of the state of my in box right now. I hate missing work - bored out of my mind right now. But you know how mums can be. Anyway, just missing you and hoping you'll be coming to London soon. Maybe we can meet for lunch or something, if you're interested. Anyway, hope to hear back from you soon, gives me something to look forward to while Mum's keeping me in bed.

Sniffling, Oliver picked up a quill and began to write.

Hey Perce -
Practice has been rough...been hit with quite a few bludgers lately. Coach has been working us pretty hard...I've been falling asleep as soon as I hit the bed. Sorry to hear you're ill...wish I could be there to help you feel better. First time in years you've been sick without me. But, I'm sure your mum does a good job taking care of you. Although, I seem to have picked up a wee bit of a sniffle myself...probably too much practice and not enough sleep. Anyway, hoping you feel better soon...I'm due to be in London next Tuesday for a team physical, so I hope you'll feel up to having dinner. Miss you and miss even more when Im not feeling well...it was always nice knowing there was someone there in the middle of the night when I wasn't feeling the greatest.

Sighing as his nose began tickling again, he set the letter down and grabbed a few tissues. "Heyishhoo, ehhyyichoo, hurchoo, huhhhchushhh." Blowing his nose, he leaned back against the couch, no longer having the energy to fight his fatigue any longer.

When Malcolm came in with the soup and tea a few minutes later, he found Oliver snoring on the couch. Knowing rest was going to help him more than anything, he set the tray on the coffee table. Noticing the parchment sitting there with a familiar name across the top, he summoned Oliver's owl to send the letter off for him. Someday Oliver would admit what he was feeling. He knew he couldn't be what Oliver needed; Malcolm's girlfriend would certainly have something to say about that; but he'd be there to support him, no matter what.

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