by Tina
Rating: Gen
Fandom: Major League Baseball - The Boston Red Sox
Disclaimer: The Boston Red Sox and Johnny Damon are real, and I only can wish they belonged to me - well at least Johnny. This story is entirely fiction.
Author's Notes: This is a totally self indulgent fic as I am totally fixated on Johnny Damon and the rest of my boys. It's pretty plotless too, but I'm hoping someone might enjoy it. One of the things I really love about watching the team is the playfulness the players have with each other.

Johnny Damon made his way through the concourse towards the visitor's clubhouse at the ball park. He reached out to grab the clubhouse door but paused, sneezing harshly into his fist. "Eh chush!!! Etchoooo!!!!" He shivered feeling chilled as he entered the clubhouse. "Jeez it's cold in here!" He called to Kevin Millar as he approached his

locker."Nah, it's just you Damon. You've been complaining about being cold all day." Kevin called back to his friend pulling on his shirt.

"That's because it's been cold all day!" Johnny rubbed his itching nose as he pulled out a t-shirt and a turtleneck to wear under his uniform. "You've just got all that fat to keep you warm Millar!"

"Well, we can't all have the body of a gazelle like you buddy!" Kevin grinned and threw one of his jockstraps across the room towards Johnny, who ducked just in time.

Johnny started to answer with another insult, but suddenly brought his hand up to his face, "Heshooooo!!!! Etchoooo!!!!! Hetch!!!!!"

"You know why you're cold man?" Kevin asked looking over at his friend.

"Hmmmm?" Johnny looked up sniffling, unsure if there were more sneezes to follow.

"You're getting sick."

"I'm not getting sick!" Johnny insisted.

"Yeah you are man. Now that I think about it, the only thing you've done more than complain about being cold today is sneeze!"

"You're crazy Millar, I am NOT getting sick!" Johnny shivered again as he pulled his fleece shirt over his uniform for batting practice and hoped Kevin hadn't noticed.

"Whatever you say man." Kevin just shook his head as the two made their way out to the field for batting

practice.Both took to the field to stretch while awaiting their turn in the batting cage. Kevin was hitting first and Johnny stood by working on his swing. Just as he raised his bat for a practice swing, he was once again overcome by the need to sneeze. He turned his head to the left and sneezed several harsh unrestrained sneezes over his shoulder that left him shivering once again. "Hetchoooo!!!! Ahhh Choooo!!!! Etchoooo!!!!!"

He felt a hand on his right shoulder, "Bless you Johnny!" He looked up to see the smiling face of Gabe Kapler, whose expression quickly changed to one of concern once he noticed Johnny shivering. "Are you alright man?"

Johnny smiled back, "I'm fine, it's just cold out here!"

Gabe still looked concerned, "Do you think you might be coming down with something? I don't think it's really that cold today."

Johnny pretended not to see the smirk from Kevin Millar as he left the batting cage and made his way over to the two men. "No Gabe, I'm fine, really." He called as he entered the cage.

Johnny was somewhat disappointed to still be feeling so cold after batting practice. Usually he warmed right up as soon as he got any physical exercise. Must be because it was one of the first cool days of fall, he tried to reassure himself. He found himself somewhat distracted from feeling cold when he was out in the field during the game, but as soon as he was back in the dugout, he realized he just couldn't get warm. He was also sneezing more and more. He deliberately avoided sitting with Kevin while in the dugout.

Though he did notice that after a violent bought of sneezing, a box of tissues had suddenly appeared beside him after Kevin had walked by. He did look up then and meet Kevin's eye to nod his thanks as he blew his nose. Kevin just grinned back and shook his head before coming over to sit next to Johnny. "Sure you're not getting sick?"

Johnny continued his insistence, not sure if he was trying to convince Kevin, or himself. "No, I'm fine Kev. It's just really cold tonight."

Kevin smiled again, "Well, I will give you that, it is starting to get cold.... NOW anyways. Looks like it's starting to rain too." He glance out of the dugout onto the field where a drizzle had just started to fall.

Johnny groaned inwardly, like he wasn't cold enough already, rain was just what he needed. A sudden chill caused him to shiver again, and of course Kevin was sitting close enough on the dugout bench to feel it. Kevin looked at him critically, he wanted to question Johnny again, but knew what the answer would be. Instead he leaned over and gave him a big bear hug, Johnny, laughing tried to squirm away. "What are you doing Millar?"

"Warming you up man, I can tell you need it before you go out there to bat!" Kevin grinned, "How ‘bout a little kiss for good luck?" He puckered up as Johnny pulled himself out of the embrace, much to the amusement of his teammates on the bench.

"Maybe next time Kev, I need to get ready to bat!" Johnny called back smiling as he grabbed his bat and helmet and headed out to the on deck circle.

Once out of the dugout he realized that the rain was really coming down. He shivered as he pulled on his batting gloves, and noted is was cold enough that his nose was running. He took his practice swings with his nose tickling madly. He hoped he would just sneeze and get it over with before his turn at the plate. Gabe Kapler, batting ahead of him managed a two run home run, and fortunately for Johnny the sneezes finally came just as Gabe was crossing the plate just before his at bat.

"Etch- chuh!! Etchoooo!!! Ishhhhhh!" He sneezed forcefully and sniffled wetly, realizing he really needed to blow his nose.

He gave Gabe a high five on the way by, nodding in response to his questioning look, and Gabe's mouthed, "Are you ok?" Yes, he was fine.

Finally, approaching the plate, he realized the sniffling wasn't helping him at all and he pulled up his shirt to wipe his nose. The rain was still falling steadily, and he was still cold. But, when he was at the plate he was able to focus totally on the game. When the ball came, he didn't notice the rain, or the cold, he just saw the ball. After running the count to 3 balls and 2 strikes he managed to connect perfectly with a pitch and send the ball deep into the outfield for a home run.

He jogged the bases and was met in the dugout by the hugs and high fives of his teammates. He made his way back to the bench, and sat down next to Kevin Millar once more. He leaned over and grabbed Kevin in an embrace and planted a wet kiss on his cheek. "Thanks for the warm up buddy!" Kevin grinned and kissed him right back.

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